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is produced from polystyrene, by extrusion and used for thermal insulation. It can be produced in the form of a board in a different size, edge and surface shape and with different compressive strength, according to the intended use and the place of use. provides convenience to its partners from production to delivery.
cares about environment and is produced by sustainable energy. For this reason, is produced with 100% recyclable zero waste technology, providing a better place for us and better future to the environment. Thermal insulation is used for keeping the buildings cool in summer or warm in winter so thermal insulation important for cooling and heating costs.
provides high-performance to preserve energy. retains its insulating properties over time, preserves buildings and helps them be enduring. can be used for floors, walls, roofs and re-siding. It is also lightweight material.

%100 Recyclable
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  • can be produced of different widths: 0,6m – 0,9m – 1,2m,
  •  can be produced of different lengths: up to 3m,
  • can be produced of different thickness: 1-15 cm,
  • can be produced of different shapes:
    • XPS with channels and rabbets
    • XPS waffle surface design
    • XPS waffle surface design with rabbets
  • is climate friendly: CO2 technology
  • uses 100% recyclable, zero waste material
  • is insensitive to water absorption
  • is an interchangeable rebate for optimal connection and thermal bridge interruption
  • production for different applications: construction, pannels...
  • Production of XPS in your desired packaging and color,
  • Dedicated trucks for XPS loading (maximum space usability)

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